Future Home of GRMHIS.com

‘GRMHIS’ is an acronym for ‘(The Great) Ronald McDonald House Information System’ and is pronounced ‘Grimace’ (yes, like the purple guy! :)). It was developed in cooperation with the houses in Hamilton, ON and Saskatoon, SK. Since that time the software has been successfully installed in a total of 10 chapters in Canada, and in 14 chapters in the USA. In all of the installations we have been successful in greatly streamlining and improving management of daily operations and data reporting, and the software has continued (and will continue) to expand and evolve with the input of more and more users.

In addition to being designed to support the daily work and data flow in a house, the user interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. Minimal training is required to bring a new user up to speed and even those who are not confident behind a computer can use the system quickly and effectively!

Some of the main features and benefits that GRMHIS has to offer to a Ronald McDonald House (NOTE that this list is not exhaustive!) are:

  1. Room Management Module
  2. Room Request and Wait List Management
  3. Room Census and Stay Management (Check In, Check Out, Payments, and Overview)
  4. Room Availability / Occupancy Projection
  5. Day Use and/or Family Room Modules
  6. Centralized Families database
  7. Support for Multiple Locations
  8. Daily ‘Health Check’ Module
  9. Third-Party Invoicing
  10. Loaned Items
  11. Lost and Found
  12. Daily Communication Journal
  13. Reports
  14. User Permissions/Security
  15. Customization and Sustainability

More information will become available as we develop our website.

In the meantime, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.